Book Publications

Lizzy Lamm

This October, there are a lot of anticipated publications coming out. Here are just some of the few:

  • The Enchanter Heir by Cinda Willems Chima: Oct. 1

The Enchanter Heir is the fourth book in the Warrior Heir series. It is not from the point of view of the original characters, but instead introduces completely new characters.

  • House of Hades by Rick Riordon: Oct. 8

House of Hades is the fourth book in the Heroes of Olympus series, which is a continuation of the Percy Jackson series. In this new series, Mother Earth, known to the Greeks as the goddess Gea, is planning to destroy the gods, and only the prophesized seven can stop her.

  • Emerald Green by Kristin Gier: Oct. 8

Emerald Green is the third book of the Ruby Red trilogy. Gwen is able to time travel, a genetic trait. She is a part of The Circle of Twelve, and she suspects that the founder of the Circle, Count Saint-German, is up to something, and it’s up to her to figure out what.

  • The Fire: 58th volume of Bleach by Tite Kubo: Oct. 15

Bleach is a manga series that features Ichigo Kurosaki, a soul reaper that hunts creatures called Hollows to protect the World of the Living (Earth).

  • Revealed: House of Night Series #11 by Kristin Cast: Oct. 15

The House of Night Series is about a girl named Zoe, who goes to the House of Night, a school where she will train to become an adult vampire.

  • The Fall of the Hotel Dumort by Cassandra Clare: Oct. 15

The Fall of Hotel Dumort is a book in the Bane Chronicles, a spinoff series of The Mortal Instruments, featuring the warlock Magnus Bane.

  • Allegiant by Veronica Roth: Oct. 22

Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent trilogy. It is a dystopian novel that takes place in the future Chicago area. The people have been split into five factions and there is turmoil within each.

  • Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia: Oct. 22

Beautiful Redemption is the fourth and final book of the Beautiful Creatures series. One of the main characters, Lena, is one in a family of castors, or commonly known as witches.

  • The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa: Oct. 29

The Iron Traitor is the sixth book in the Iron Fey series. Meghan Chase is the daughter of a mythical faery king, and that she has a secret destiny.

  • The Shadowhunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare: Oct. 29

The Shadowhunter’s Codex is a book based on the one that appears in the Mortal Instrument’s series. It is a guide and is a necessity for any young Nephilim on their journey to becoming a Shadowhunter.

  • Altered by Gennifer Albin: Oct. 29

Altered is the sequel to Crewel. The book takes place in the fantasy world of Arras, where a sixteen year old girl named Adelice has the ability to weave time with matter.

With so many exciting new books to read, the only problem is deciding what to read first!