Bryson Tiller Releases Mediocre Album “True to Self”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor-in-chief

R&B singer, Bryson Tiller, released his album “True to Self” on May 26, a month early from the actual release date. I was quite excited when I heard that it had already come out, but when I listened to it, I really wasn’t all that impressed.

Normally, when I find out that an artist I enjoy has come out with new music, I force myself to listen to all of it until I love it. This usually works out really well, but not with this album. The R&B songs were not terrible, but there just wasn’t anything special to me. It was just sappy songs that have been written over and over again in different ways.

Don’t get me wrong, Tiller has talent, and I’m sure many people really did enjoy this album, but nothing jumped out at me, like “wow, this is really good.” Every song seemed to sound the same and just blended in with each other.

I appreciated Tiller’s effort to incorporate old ‘90’s R&B twists into songs, but still nothing new. I was hoping for intriguing rhythms and new beats, but nope. I want to like his album so badly, but I just can’t. Sadly, I only feel like this album deserves four out of ten stars.