Even North Korea should laugh

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

The infamous movie “The Interview” has caused quite an uproar for many in the United States and North Korea, with terrorist threats and disgruntled comments from people in both countries. Directors Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg were the madmen behind this movie.

Rogan plays a character by the name of Aaron Rapoport and James Franco played Dave Skylark. Together they run a popular, tabloid talk show, Rapoport being the director and Skylark being the talk show host. The show became so popular that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, wanted to be on it. Once the Unites States CIA got a hold of this information, they ask Rapoport and Skylark to assassinate him.

With Skylarks sassy, dumb-witted ways and Rapoports logical, and amusing personality, they take on the given task with humor and confidence.

The movie’s ads seemed as if “The Interview” was going to be another cheesy, comedy movie that Rogan and Franco normally create, but according to critics, the movie was much worse than that.

With the Sony hacking and the “terrorist threats” looming, the movie wasn’t originally going to be played in theaters.  But, I believe that they didn’t place it in theaters just so the movie would be more popular and make more money.

Now, “The Interview” is being played everywhere in the United States, and a common opinion on it is that it has “no common sense” and that it is just “over-the-top stupid”, according to The Rotten Tomato. I for one, believe that this movie accomplished exactly what the creators had in mind. It provided a funny, immature vibe and received a ridiculous amount of attention, whether it was good or bad.

If you plan on seeing this movie, just know that it will be the well-known acting and humor of Rogan and Franco with a large amount of immaturity.

Although many believe the movie to be extremely dull and not at all entertaining, I do give Rogan, Franco, and Goldberg props for creating such an enormous response from millions of people.