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Review on the Open-World RPG game “Genshin Impact”


Screenshoted by Jackie Reyes

A shot from the beginning cut-scene from Genshin Impact gameplay

Jackie Reyes, Reporter

As a new year begins, a new game has come by to fulfill the quarantine boredom. The free-to-play action-adventure RPG game “Genshin Impact” has taken the gaming world by storm. With a compelling storyline and challenging quests, there’s no doubt it would keep you occupied. 

The game follows two twins who had traveled together until they were separated by a god at the beginning of the game, in which the player can choose either twin to be as throughout the story. They go on a journey to find their sibling, reaching out for help from the world’s archons. Each major region has its own archon, the first being in Mondstadt. “Archon Quests” take you on a journey that follows the storyline and is filled with intense cutscenes, difficult battles, and impressive character trials. The plot is addicting to follow, which makes me anticipate playing to unlock more and more of what lies ahead. In my opinion, the storyline makes it worth spending time on the game. 

One major attraction from the game is the character designs and backgrounds. There is a selection of elements a character can possess along with their weapon and exclusive power.  The elements range from electro, pyro, hydro and more. Although, there is more to the characters than just their powers. Every character’s personality is so diverse along with their intriguing backstories. 

Each character’s design is unique and appealing, making players continue to play to have a shot at getting the character they dreamed of.  When playing the game, you can collect “primogems,” which let you gamble for the character you desire. But no worries, primogems aren’t hard to come by. By finishing quests or daily commissions, leveling up your adventure rank, completing achievements, and opening chests, primogems come as a prize. So, the more primogems you make, the higher the chance you have of getting the character you want!

Leveling up in the game is a hard thing to do, but the satisfaction and rewards it brings when you reach a new rank is worth it. Not to mention, the new quests unlocked with each rank unlocked are so exciting. Now when I said leveling up is hard, I mean the challenging tasks are such a pain to complete. The domains are especially hard. Each domain sets you up against high leveled bosses and enemies which can be excruciatingly frustrating if your characters are under-leveled. But the more you strengthen your characters, the easier it is to fight against them, and it is fun to see how much damage your team can deal in battle (or how little, eek!).

Personally, this game has taken over my life. Getting to know the storyline and lore, gambling for characters and battling enemies, everything about the game makes my brain rot from the Genshin overload. If I could recommend any game to anyone, rookies and all, it would be this one. The addictive free-to-play videogame is available on Mobile, PC and PS4.