Goosebumps makes a ‘chilling’ entrance to theaters

Janet Nava, Reporter

Having to move to a small town in Delaware, teenager Zach Cooper, played by, Dylan Minnette, thinks that it’s not going to get any worse until he meets his new neighbor, Hannah, played by, Odeya Rush. Zach soon meets Hannah’s father, who happens to be R. L. Stine, the author of the bestselling “Goosebumps” series. When accidents happen, which leads to monsters escaping Stine’s books, Zach and the others have to stop the monsters from leaving and put them back.

Not having personally read the books, the movie seemed to contain the most famous creatures of R.L. Stine’s ghouls and monsters. Though it was obvious that the movie wasn’t based on all the books or one specific bestseller, the movie was created with its own individual storyline, making it refreshing to watch, whether or not you read the books. The CGI of the monsters was obvious, but not annoyingly so, which made the movie seem more fictional than realistic. The character development was not as advanced as I would personally want it to be, but the emotions and screams written into the script were surprisingly believable. The humor of the characters seemed to be more prominent and advanced than what the previews and trailers implied, which was a great break from all the so called “seriousness” and, in my opinion,  the forced romantics that was pressed all throughout the movie. The more humorous characters certainly stole the show and kept the audience with a smiling face rather than one of shock or horror.
The movie rating for me was a 7.5 out of 10. It would have gotten a better rating if the romance was more relatable or, just in general, more realistic. The graphics and storyline were good overall. The movie was good to go to for a laugh and a blast from our generation’s’ childhood. The actors were great in retrospect and overall did a good job screaming in a child’s horror movie. It was released on Oct. 16 and will continue to be in theaters until mid-November for anybody that wants to watch for the first time, or to enjoy it again.