Kendrick Lamar Releases Fourth Studio Album

Emilee Guernsey , Editor-in-chief

Kendrick Lamar released his fourth studio album titled ‘DAMN.’ on April 14 to iTunes and spotify. The album has been a hit so far, ranking number one on Billboard two weeks in a row. Every album Lamar has published has been extremely powerful. To say that he is a bold artist is an understatement. Continuously he has called out the prejudices against African-Americans and the unjust acts to minorities. In this year’s album, he mentions politics and his personal struggles in his head.

Each song was masterfully created and had a deeper meaning and symbolism in every one. In the song ‘DNA,’ Kendrick even mocks a newscaster who claims that rap has negatively affected this generation, when in fact it has kept young adults looking at the true problems in the world. The whole album was beautifully articulated.

I think my personal favorite is “LOVE” and “PRIDE” because you actually hear Kendrick sing in these songs, and you hear the passion and pain in each one. Lamar even had artists such as Rihanna and U2 in some of his songs.

Kendrick released his tour dates for his album on his twitter about two weeks ago as well. Lamar has by far been one of the most influential rappers in this generation, and ‘DAMN’ is probably one of my favorite albums of his now.

Through each song you hear upbeat tempos and slower ones as well. Each song is unique in it’s own, and I think that’s what makes this album five out of five stars.