Logan: Violent but Heartwarming

Victoria Sananikone, Reporter




Once again, the Marvel franchise has not disappointed. The movie “Logan,” which was without a doubt one of my favorite movies of 2017, left me with a whirlwind of emotions, but overall I was pleased in every way possible.

“Logan” did a fantastic job in balancing all the desires of its audience, from the intense gore and profanity to the heartwarming affection between Logan and his daughter. Yes you read that right; the infamous loner Wolverine has a daughter named Laura.

One of the most savage characters I have ever seen in a movie, Laura was created from the DNA of Logan to be the ultimate killing machine by an organization called the Facility. Similar to Wolverine, Laura has adamantium claws in her hands, but Wolverine falls short of his daughters capabilities, as Laura also has claws in her feet.

The movie focuses on Logan’s journey to help Laura reach Eden, a safe haven for mutant children created by rebel workers of the Facility. Both characters face an array of enemies throughout the movie and the fight scenes were choreographed in a brutally beautiful fashion.

Within Laura’s fight scenes, evidence of her father’s bloodthirsty nature is revealed through her vicious slashings of her opponents, whom she shows no mercy to. I thought it was clever for the director to add this element, for as Logan tries to calm her ferocious nature he is reminded of himself when he was young and oblivious of his capabilities.

Logan and Laura connect with each other as the movie progresses. Their humorous confrontations and mirror stances drive home the fact that, although Logan has never known of her before, Laura truly is his daughter. Their stubbornness to acknowledge their affection for each other finally ceases as Logan lays dying from a severe battle wound that his depleting healing powers cannot repair. I was absolutely devastated to see Logan die and although part of me had ill feelings towards the Marvel franchise for killing him off, I knew that it was time for him to go. The Wolverine has been through so much in his existence it’s almost comical. I believe that dying for his daughter was the most heroic way for him to leave his fans who should look forward to the continuation of Laura’s story.

Overall, I would rate “Logan” five out of five stars.