Movie review: Annabelle

Lexi Rima, Reporter

Halloween isn’t just a time for candy and costumes; it’s also a time for creepiness and corruption. Director John R. Leonetti’s new horror movie and prequel to “The Conjuring,” “Annabelle”  is not only interesting, but also frightening.

The movie begins with an expecting married couple, John and Mia Form, portrayed by Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis respectively, who are in love – so in love, that John gives Mia an apparently-beautiful doll that she’s been trying to find: Annabelle. One night, two cult members break into the Form house and attempt to murder the couple in a demonic ritual. The police arrive just in time to save the couple, but after shooting the female cult member (portrayed by Tree O’Toole), she runs into the nursery room with the future baby’s items and the dolls, locking the door behind her. After prying the door open, they find her dead from blood loss, holding doll Annabelle in her arms.

Since the night of the break in and attempted murder, Mia is shaken and cannot bear to live in the same house. The couple throws away the doll before they move, but they find Annabelle packed in the moving boxes when they arrive at their new house. No longer pregnant and frightened, Mia decides to keep the doll because it was a gift from John. It is obvious from then on that something is wrong, as Mia and her baby are subject to poltergeist-like unexplainable movement, house fires, and demonic attacks. Throughout the new ordeals,    it is apparent that Annabelle is clearly possessed; the demon wants Mia’s baby’s soul, and will take it by force.

“Annabelle” is a nerve-wracking movie that had me on edge. The characters are likeable and the viewer will want them to survive unharmed, especially baby Lea. The doll looks simply awful and I cannot understand wanting that in your house; my favorite part about the doll is that it does not follow clichés and move creepily, as it is always obvious that it isn’t real. While it’s easy to remember that you’re watching a movie, “Annabelle” is an entertaining horror movie that’s actually based on a real doll that’s locked away. I recommend “Annabelle” to any horror movie buffs and to anyone that enjoys a well-told story. I give “Annabelle” a 7 out of 10.