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Top Reads for the Halloween Season


Photo by Sofya Bashirova

With the Halloween season just around the corner, horror and mystery books are becoming the go-to at the library. Some good spooky season reads include “IT” by Stephen King and “Home Before Dark” by Riley Sager.

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter

As colder weather weaves its way back into our hearts, spooky season is just around the corner, and the time for snuggling with a cup of coffee and a good book is exactly what is needed. Here are some of the best reads for the Halloween season that are worth checking out.

“The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson

Known by many as a Netflix show, this 1959 gothic horror novel is, without a doubt, the best haunted house story ever written. The story revolves around four seekers who decide to spend the summer at the Hill House, a building well known because of the violent deaths that surround its history, to find scientific evidence of the existence of the supernatural. Throughout the story, the characters experience different paranormal, as well as psychological abnormal events that will make you want to keep reading. As this is my personal favorite, this book might be the perfect choice for those looking for a not-so-new novel that mixes horror with psychology and personal experiences.

“IT” by Stephen King:

Probably the most well-known masterpiece of the King of Horror, this book is the perfect pick to dive into horror literature. Set in a small town in Derry, Maine, this story follows a group of pre-teens that go by the name of “The Losers Club,” whose innocent summer adventures suddenly turn into a battle to defeat a sadistic clown that has come to torment their hometown. Mixing terror with a description of the ordinary lives of a group of kids, King describes the psychology of the characters and their perspective perfectly. Whether you are looking for a long read, a familiar story that can also easily be seen on TV or a reminder of the summer season, this book is for you.

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

A good horror classic is always a good choice for a stormy night of reading. This gothic horror story takes place in the 18th century and revolves around Victor Frankenstein, a well renowned scientist that is able to bring life to a being of his own creation. However, his creation turns out to be a horrific monster who escapes and torments nearby towns. If you are looking for classical literature, I recommend going with this one, as it is one of the iconic classic novels written a two centuries ago and incorporates old fashioned structuring and writing.

“Lock Every Door” by Riley Sager

In this suspenseful novel, we follow Jules, who just got a new job as an apartment sitter in a mysterious and private apartment building in Manhattan. At first sight, it seems like just another luxurious complex, but after investigating deeper, Jules finds out the dark truth about this place and all the disappearances that occurred in it. We follow her brave attempts to escape and bring justice to all the disappeared victims. This book is sure to keep you busy digging into the darkest secrets that the building hides.

“Home Before Dark” by Riley Sager

Written by the same author of the previous book, this novel revolves around Maggie, a young woman who has just inherited one of her father’s houses with a troubled past. Maggie lived there during her childhood, but her family had to promptly leave the place due to the extraordinary events happening to them. Maggie decides to explore the house and see if what her dad wrote in his book “House of Horrors,” a nonfiction book retelling his families abnormal experiences in the house, to discover the truth about the house. A book full of suspense, old family secrets and conspiracies, this book is perfect for those looking for a twisting plot.

With all these books covering a variety of types of stories and fear levels, there are endless novels to stay entertained during this spooky season.