“The Flash” is back and better than ever

James Shepard , Guest Contributor

The award winning show, “The Flash,” is back and better than ever in their second season on the CW.  DC Comics has released their third show that continues to be a success.  Grant Gustin plays the role of The Flash strikingly well with the help of thousands of special effects aiding in the process of making him the “Scarlet Speedster.”  We have also seen iconic, fan favorite characters this season, such as Jay Garrick who is portrayed by Teddy Sears, as well as the return of Dr. Harrison Wells who is played by Tom Cavanagh.

The show is all about a young forensic scientist who gets struck by lightning after a particle accelerator explodes while working in his lab.  After the fact, he finds out that he has the power of super speed.  With the help of his friends at S.T.A.R Labs, he is able to harness these abilities help people and stop crime.  However, after he beats his rival in season 1, the Reverse Flash, he accidentally opens a portal to the “Earth Two,” unleashing the power of his new rival, Zoom.

This show has shown us some amazing plot twists and cliffhangers, always shutting us off from the peak of action, leaving us hungry for more.  However, some of the negative points that I have noticed is that sometimes the buildup can be a little too prolonged and boring, but these are heavily outweighed when it comes to the ending, and especially the crossovers with “The Arrow,” another award winning show put on by DC.

Episodes air every Tuesday, and are an hour long.  The show is rated PG and would most likely appeal to children from the age of 10 to adults to the age of 50.  My rating of this show would be a 4.5 out of 5 stars because all the aspects put together form a fantastic show for everyone to enjoy.