Baseball alumni remember past player


Lauren Campbell

The alumni game participants pose with the parents of Matt Arellano. “The parents of Matt were very happy to be having this game for their son,” principal administrative assistant Linda Paris said.

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

The varsity baseball team had the chance to play Major League Baseball players on Feb. 21. The baseball game was Cedar Park’s first Alumni game where they also played for past team member, Matt Arellano.

MLB players, Nathan Thornhill, Britt Robertshaw, Collin Radack, and Hunter Bailey knew Arellano personally and wanted to have a chance to remember him and honor him in some way.

Arellano was a CP 2009 graduate, who moved onto college at Texas State.  But, this past June Arellano passed away from an illness.

“Arellano was a great kid,” assistant baseball coach Carl Abseck said. “No kid should ever have to pass away.”

At the beginning of the game Arellano’s step-dad made the first pitch, and his parents were up in the stands the whole game.

Many of the boys and coaches that were there were happy to show their compassion to Arellano and his parents.

“I’m sure that if Matt were here he would be as happy as ever,” Head Baseball Coach Connie Cochran said. “He was definitely smiling down on us.”

As the game went on, attenders were asked if they wanted to donate their blood for a local blood drive as well. The game was not only for Arellano, but to help others with medical problems as well.

“This game was a great way to remember someone who loves the game,” sophomore Davis Blake said. “It was nice being able to play for someone who passed away too soon.”

Not only were the players pleased to be having the alumni game for Arellano, there were also excited to be playing against MLB players.

“It was just a fun game,” senior Jake Pokorney said. “It was very relaxed, and it was so cool to be playing with professional people. Hitting balls coming from an MLB pitcher was awesome.”

In honor of Arellano, CP has officially retired his number. His parents will be keeping the white jersey and the school will be hanging up the green jersey to remember Arellano.