Breaking records and breaking Brennan

Savannah Burchfiel

The Timberwolf varsity football team broke records and San Antonio Brennan 32-7 on Friday, Dec. 7 at the Alamodome. The team, one step closer to the Class 4A state championship game, made school history by making it to semifinals in playoffs.

The T-wolves also proved their ability to beat the unbeatable, tainting Brennan’s undefeated record with their first loss of the season.

“Each team is just another team to beat,” junior Sam Brock said.

Experience proved to be a defining factor between the two teams. This season marked Cedar Park’s third consecutive placement quarterfinals and Brennan’s third varsity season.

“At this point, everything is motivation for us,” Brock said. “Each time we practice harder, we improve as a team.”

The last two years, Cedar Park has seen their season come to a close with a loss against Lake Travis at this point in playoffs. Lake Travis moved to 5A this season.

“We’ve been working so hard this year,” junior Peter Manekis said. “We went into the season expecting to make it to state.”

With progressive games, the venues increase in size and support. Nearly 8,000 combined fans in attendance shouted and supported their teams.

“Bigger stadiums mean more excitement,” Brock said.

As the game came to a close, fans could be heard chanting “history” in celebration of the new feat.

“We made history,” junior Lane Waller said. “Having a good game is one thing, but making an impact as big as school history is monumental.”

If Saturday’s 4A Division II semifinal against Manor goes as planned for the T-wolves, the team will see their opportunity to win their first ever state title for Cedar Park.