Cheer Wins State Second Year in a Row


Photo by Deana Trautz

Before beginning their send-off on Thursday, Jan. 17, cheer waits in the library for their cue. Cheer competed on Saturday, Jan. 18, at the UIL Spirit State Championship in Fort Worth TX. “We are defending our title, so I just want to show everybody that we can still be as good as we were last year,” senior captain Jordan Tillett said.

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief

The cheer team has won first place at the UIL Spirit State Championship today in Fort Worth, TX, making this their second consecutive State win. Their score amounted to 94.10, which was a full 3.75 points higher than the second runner up team. 

They gave performances in crowd leading, fight song and band chant, which they have spent practicing every day for three months. Senior captain Rylee Elam said that going into the competition with a State win, they had to show the judges and teams that they could live up to last year’s performance.

“We knew the competition was going to be difficult because the judges and other teams already knew who we were from last year, so we had to work even harder for the win this year,” Elam said.

Carlie Dill, who is graduating early as a senior this year, said that this was the perfect end to her cheer career.

“Winning was absolutely a dream come true,” Dill said. “We put everything we had on the floor and felt so good coming out of finals. Thankfully, all our hard work paid off and I am so glad I got to cheer with my best friends. This was the most amazing way to end my cheer career at Cedar Park and I will never forget it.”