CP defeats Rouse to go 2-0


Lindsey Buggi

Senior receiver #5 Tommy Lavine pushed through a Rouse player to gain more yards. “We have a lot to improve on as we head into the Westwood game this Thursday,” Lavine said.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

On Sept.4, CP continued their winning streak against Rouse High School at Gupton Stadium, 42-17.

An interception and almost three fumbles resulted an unusual rocky first half for the T-Wolves.

Senior wide receiver #16, Jack Grimm, believes that the team really needs to focus on what they learn in practice in order to not fumble as much.

“It’s really just focus,” Grimm said. “Just using the technique we are taught.”

Even though the team made some noticeable errors, they also made some noticeable achievements.

Junior safety #3, Hunter Valk, made an interception towards the end of the game.

“When I made that interception, I was just focusing on getting up near the hash,” Valk said. “I was trying to gain as many yards as I could.”

Moving on in the season, players such as Senior reciever #5, Tommy Lavine, are setting their sights on becoming better through each game.

“I think I played alright,” Lavie said. “I had some catches, scored a touchdown and made some plays on special teams. There is still a lot I can improve on as we go into the third week.”

Grimm expressed that the team played really well together overall.

“Everyone was really encouraging towards each other, which helped up play to our capability.”

According to Valk, the team still thinks that they should work on not getting as many penalties.

“We were getting a variety of penalties,” Valk said. “We just need to not get lazy and sloppy.”

Lavine shared that the boys still have a lot to work on, but just need to keep looking for wins.

“As a team, if we keep our eyes on the prize, I believe we can be really special,” Lavine said. “In the first half of the game we were making silly mistakes, but in the second half we came together as a team.”