CPFB knocks off top ranked Aledo in season opener


Jess Mick

#16 senior Jack Grimm knuckle bumps #11 senior Baxter Robertson after Robertson walks off the field to let him know he’s got his back. “Obviously there are going to be things we need to work on,” Grimm said. “But, I’m really proud of the way the team performed.”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

The anticipated first football game of the school year ended in a roar of cheers coming from the Cedar Park side. Continuing the rivalry at the McLane Baylor Stadium, CP was out to redeem themselves from the loss of 21-17 in 2014. CP won the game with a score of 31-13 over number one ranked Aledo.

Junior #28 defensive back Jav Guidry went into the game with his team feeling very confident.

“We went in knowing we were going to dominate,” Guidry said. “The focus for all of us was to just win.”

Throughout the game there were penalties towards CP, and coaches and players have taken note that that is one of the aspects of the game they need to work on, according to Guidry. But those penalties didn’t stop players or students from cheering and enjoying the game.

Senior and Cedar Park Celebrity Jessie Theimann was thrilled to be at the game in her Celebrity uniform once more.

“Of course the game was exciting,” Theimann said. “It was the first game of our season, and my senior year, at the Baylor stadium.”

Towards the end of the game, students, staff and players were yelling as loud as they could to cheer on CP. 

Defensive coordinator  Brent Brittain was very pleased with how the boys played.

“The guys were just anxious to redeem themselves, and they did. The played really well,” Brittain said. “We just need to focus on this next game and be humble about it. Students, parents, and staff should expect great effort from these boys and more wins to come.”