District hockey team has high hopes for the season

Tiffani Randolph

     In the blazing heat of Texas, where shorts and tank tops are the accepted fashion almost year round, it is hard to imagine the elements of a traditional white winter amongst the everyday heat known so well to us. But this image is known well to the boys of the Leander ISD ice hockey team.

     The newly named team beat Austin-Westlake with a final score of 8-1 Friday, October 19, winning their first pre-season game of the 2008-2009 season. Three weeks later was their second pre-season game against Round Rock ISD’s number two team. They iced RRISD2 7-0. Winning both of these games provided a positive outlook for the LISD ice hockey team this year.

     The team is a club sport that is comprised of students from the entire school district. There are 21 players on the team with 14 reigning from Cedar Park High School.

     Though the LISD team is newly organized this year, the majority of the players have already played together. In previous years the team was called the Cedar Park ice hockey team, consisting of only members from CPHS rather than the entire school district. Because of this, the team is close knit and everyone is friends on and off the ice.

     “It’s pretty hardcore,” Albie Valicenit, sophomore, said.

     Valicenit has been playing hockey for about six years, and has been on the LISD team for two years.

     Joey Sundgren, sophomore, has been playing hockey for 11 years, but this is his first year playing on the team.

     “This season’s going to be great,” Sundgren said. “We have a good chance of getting to the playoffs, and a very good team to reach that goal.”

     LISD plays a total of 16 games this season against Austin-Westlake, RRISD2, RRISD1, and Bell Co. They play against each of these teams four times over the course of the season.

     All games and practices are held at Chapparal Ice Arena in North Austin. The team’s next game is January 15 at 8 PM against Bell Co. Bundle up and head out to heat up the rink.