Football receives state rings

Paige Parks


On March 22, 2013 the Cedar Park football team gave truth to the phrase ‘Put a ring on it’ when they received their 2012 State Champion rings. The team received the rings as a group and opened them together as a team.

For a team that battled their way to the state championships, this was just icing on the victory-flavored cake.

“It’s a symbol of a long hard season that ended in success,” sophomore linebacker Thomas Hutchings said.

The ring, which takes the shape of a square with a Timberwolf logo in the center, has 14 diamonds on the outer edges. Each diamond is a symbol for each of the victories the team acquired on the road to the state championship.

To the many young men sporting these rings it is a reminder that hard work pays off.

 “It is not as special as the experience but it is a symbol of success,” Hutchings said.

Jackson Paine and Nate Grimm show off their State Championship rings. Photo by Sam Geesin