Former T-Wolves return for victory

Lauren Kriss, Asst. Editor

It was T-Wolf versus T-Wolf on Jan.4 at the annual Girls’ Soccer Alumni Game. Some of last year’s varsity players returned to take on this year’s team along with help from former girls’ soccer coach Jennifer Womack.

By the end of the game, the alumni proved they still have what it takes, beating the current varsity team 6-3.

The game proved to be a challenge for senior Kat Hill.

“The toughest part of the alumni game is trying to take the game seriously,” Hill said. “There were too many funny alumni.”

Senior Kassi Hormuth, who will play soccer for Texas State next fall, was also thrown off by her opponents.

“It was really weird to be playing against my former teammates instead of with them,” Hormuth said.

Despite taking a loss, Hill was happy to play.

“The alumni game is always a good time,” Hill said. “It’s fun to just mess around on the field again with former players.”

Along with being fun people, the alumni are role models for Hill, who will study Petroleum engineering at Texas A&M next semester.

“There are just so many talented alumni and I look up to them all,” Hill said.

After playing with them for so long, Hormuth credits some of her soccer abilities to her team.

“They are people that I look up to and have helped coach me to be the player I am today,” Hormuth said.

The alumni weren’t the only blasts from the past in attendance. Womack returned to coach the alumni team.

“It was the weirdest thing to hear Womack yelling at the other team,” Hormuth said. “But it was good to see her again. She’ll always have a place in our hearts.”