Freshman makes varsity

Molly McIllece

     At long last, the 2010 Volleyball season is upon Cedar Park High School. As the Cedar Park volleyball team gears up for an exciting season, a fresh face has arrived on the court. Freshman Hailey Roberts has earned a spot on the varsity volleyball team with the skills she displayed during tryouts.

     “Hailey’s a very strong and dynamic player, she hits the ball hard,” Jennifer Almanza, volleyball coach, said. “When she gets the ball she puts it away and gets a kill.”

     Roberts’ position on the team is right side and, when needed, the middle. It came as a surprise that she made the team.

     “I didn’t think I was going to make varsity,” Roberts said.  “I thought I might make JV.”

     It didn’t come as a surprise to Hunter Roberts’ that his little sister made the varsity volleyball team.

    “She has been beating out her competition her whole life,” Hunter Roberts, junior and brother, said. “When we play sports at home, she usually kicks my butt.”

     Prospects are high for the Lady Timberwolves this season in District 25-4A play. The lady Timberwolves volleyball team is hoping to carry out their title of success.

     “I really think we have a chance to be one of the strongest teams in the District,” Almanza said. “We will have to play flawlessly against the teams in the new District, to win a championship. That is an expectation we have.”

     Along with the challenges that are involved on the volleyball court, Roberts also must balance the academic side of her freshman year. After a full day of classes, volleyball practice is held from 3:45 until 5:30 p.m. Homework then dominates the rest of her day and night.

      As with any team sport, chemistry is always a key to success. Roberts’ skills and abilities are big factors that help to push the team forward and strive for excellence.

     “The girls get excited for Hailey when she plays, they’re really proud of her,” Almanza said. “That’s the key for having a good team, getting more excited for your teammate than yourself.”

     Roberts gets along with fellow teammates, which is essential for the team. The volleyball team is able to put aside differences and work together as a pack.

     “With a lot of girls and different personalities it’s sometimes difficult for everyone to get along all the time, but we work through it as a team and don’t let it affect us on the court,” Taylor Teets, senior, said.

     As the Lady Timberwolves move into District play, coming together as a team is vital. The team feels they have made big strides in this area where, at the Hill Country Invitational in Fredericksburg, they took third place. Students can expect freshman Hailey Roberts to find her niche on the team this year as the Lady Timberwolves volleyball team works for a strong showing in District 25-4A.