Girl’s Basketball hoops their way to the third round


Macy Loyd

Playing at the Timber Dome basketball court, junior guard Jennifer Stallings aims the ball at senior forward Lexus Ojeda during the Dripping Springs game on Dec. 19. All three teams, varsity, JV and freshman beat Drip. “It was really a good feeling knowing that all our teams beat Dripping springs,” Stallings said. “It just shows how passionate we are of the game, and what we all put into the sport.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

Girls’ varsity basketball played their last playoff game on Feb. 23 against Georgetown, ending the season with a 15-7 record. All district games were won except one against Georgetown and two against Vista Ridge.

The team tied for second place in district with Georgetown, which junior guard Jennifer Stallings considers a great accomplishment after beating them in the middle of their season.

“We had to beat one of the teams,” Stallings said. “We beat Georgetown, which was a great win for us and it’s something that I’ll remember for a long time. It would have been nice to be second and not have to be tied.”

Georgetown was ranked second in the state, so the team looked forward to playing the game.

“Considering we had all the odds stacked against us being the underdogs in the game, tying for second is a great accomplishment on our part and I’m happy with the outcome,” Stallings said.

Making it to the third round of playoffs, senior power forward Lexi Green enjoyed the playoff wins.

“The feeling was unforgettable,” Green said. “Even with the victory of winning second in district, winning the games in the playoffs is still a thrill to get. Though we only got to the third round, it was still a memorable season, considering that this is my last as a senior.”

To prepare for games, the varsity team kept up their traditions. The varsity team developed the tradition of playing “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars to help them get focused for their games.

“We actually put a line from the song on the back of the shirts we made for the playoffs,” Stallings said. “It was the line, “Don’t’ believe me, just watch.’”

The varsity team traditions tend to involve team bonding, which junior post LeeAnn Stephens found enjoyable.

“We put on some music just to dance and get hyped up,” Stephens said. “We would encourage each other to dance, whether we’re good or not at dancing, everyone dances a little in order to build up a sense of unity. It’s reassuring that we have each other’s backs on and off the court. And after that we’d pray for a good and safe game and then go out and give it our all.”

The varsity team’s strengths helped lead the team to the playoffs this year.

“Our team work is our greatest strength,” Stallings said. “We got really good at finding open players on the court and setting them up to take shots at the three point line.”