Making History: Varsity Volleyball

Erin Clevlen

The gym rings with the snapping of skin meeting leather. With this crack, the ball flies high over the court and a constant rally matches the intensity of any sport out there. Nails are chewed down to the bit as the ball is saved from hitting the ground and then is smacked across the net to the other side. When the curves of the ball grip the rubber floor, one side of the gym erupts in chaotic cheers, while the other sulks quietly.

The Cedar Park volleyball team caused many opponents to hide and quiver in fear this past season at the thought of facing a team that was making history. The team ended the season with a 40-8 record and can now check competing in the state semifinals off their bucket list. Head Coach Rebekah Almanza beams with pride about the team and attributes their success to the dynamics that they established.

“The girls had a sense of fight and this made us successful as a whole,” Almanza said. “The chemistry this team had was unmatched.”

This feeling of accomplishment hasn’t escaped one person. Senior Jordyn Ledyard, a defensive player for the team, has been forever changed by the experiences she has had this season and is still in awe at the distance that the volleyball team has gone.

“Being a part of the volleyball team that went to state is an unbelievable experience,” Ledyard said. “Everyone always dreams that they’ll make it to state, and this year we made our dream a reality.”

The volleyball team has ten seniors graduating this year. Because of this, the team will not only be losing many players, but will also be without almost all of their starters. Though more than half of the varsity team is leaving, one thing remains- the legacy that has been left behind from this season.

“This senior class has always wanted to leave a mark on Cedar Park volleyball, and this year we did,” Ledyard said. “The legacy we have left is one that won’t be forgotten, and we’ve also set the standard high for future teams.”

Coach Almanza agrees that the team this year has left legacy behind and she too knows the magnitude that this legacy extends to.

“There is a new standard that has been set; now going to state is going to be just what we do,” Almanza said. “The tradition will continue.”

The JV team has also felt the implications of the varsity season this year. Kirstyn Conwell is a setter for the JV team and admires not only what the varsity team has accomplished, but also their spirit.

“They inspired me to keep my head up and play my hardest like they do every game,” Conwell said.

The legacy has been left, and the shoes are waiting to be filled. The expectations for excellence are now on top of the future Cedar Park volleyball team’s shoulders. Groups of girls come up every year and every year the dynamic of the team changes. Each team will have a standard to reach and will remember the varsity team that made history.