Obscure Athletes and Where to Find Them

Addy Bates


Addy Bates, Reporter

Sports such as baseball and soccer are played around the world and attract millions of viewers on TV every year. However, not everyone knows about the more uncommon sports schools sometimes offer such as bowling, lacrosse and even water polo.

Junior Garrett Wahl, varsity bowler and first-year lacrosse player, said that being a part of the more unusual sports the school offers is a way for him to become closer with people, due to the small size of the teams.

“It’s pretty fun because we have the opportunity as a team to more freedom, like what practices we want,” Wahl said. “We bond together more than you could on a huge football team.”

Wahl, who is in his second year with the bowling team, has played other sports in the past such as tennis and baseball. 

“[Bowling] just seemed like a fun, new experience and it’s been pretty fun,” Wahl said. “With [lacrosse], we’re really close because there are not a lot of guys, so we have good friendships.”

Even though Wahl had never bowled before this year, he finished the 2017-2018 bowling season with a 145 average, while posting a high score of 188. Wahl has also practiced with the varsity boys for lacrosse this year.

“I had never been good at bowling, so I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” Wahl said. “It’s a fun, relaxing thing to after school.”

For those who want to be involved in a more uncommon sport, Wahl said that it is an exciting experience, even if a student has no previous experience with the sport.

“Just go out and do it because I have a blast doing it,” Wahl said.