Players to Look For

Madi Carley

With basketball in full swing, the entire school had an interest in this year’s team, so as you head out to the varsity games, here are some players to look for:

Senior Doug Bateman has played basketball since freshman year. He started playing on varsity his junior year as guard. Bateman wants to play basketball for Southwestern Assembly of God University.

“My goal is to be an asset to the team and just have fun with the rest of the players,” Bateman said. “I love the game and it is an amazing feeling when you score the first point of the season.”

Senior Jamie Xia has been playing basketball since he was only nine. He started playing on varsity as a freshman and plays the position of the wing. His goal for the season is to do everything he can to the best of his ability. Unlike Bateman, Xia plans on getting a business major at UT, A&M, SMU or Baylor, but no basketball.

“Through the years there has been a lot of memorable experiences, especially just hanging out with the guys on the team,” Xia said. “One that sticks out is making it to the state semifinals last year and getting to play at the Frank Erwin Center.”

Cole Price is a junior and plays guard for varsity. He has been on the team since his sophomore year, but has been playing basketball since he was six. Price plans on attending and wants to play basketball at Stephan F. Austin University.

“My biggest goal is to go on and continue playing basketball in college,” Price said. “What motivates me to play is my grades and just to be able to go out and have fun playing with all the guys.”

Come see these players as they take on Marble Falls on Jan. 25 at home.