Softball Looks to the Future as Current Season Concludes


Lindsey Buggi

Sophomore Mackenna Raby winds up for a pitch on Mar. 9 against Cedar Creek. The Timberwolves won the game 11-1.

Nick Hedges, Reporter

As their season begins to wind to a close, the softball team is looking to gain momentum heading into next season. Well represented by all four classes, the Lady Wolves head into their final three games looking to pick up big wins to help roll into next season. This year has been a little disappointing for the girls, but that doesn’t change their mindset for the future.

“What we don’t have in experience we make up for in heart,” senior Lindsey Buggi said. “Everyone gets a chance to show what they’re made of and that’s what I like about coach Jenschke. You’ll always have chances to prove you’re worth playing. That says a lot because you’re going to make mistakes, but what matters is what you do after them.”

A theme of the season has been the dominant presence of underclassmen. With the majority of the lineup composed by freshmen or sophomores, the T-Wolves look to be a team which will compete for a district championship in the near future.

“The impact on the team has come from the younger players,” head coach Cami Jenschke said.  “We are a very young team, and have been starting three freshman and three sophomores, only 2 of which started last year.”

In district play, the Wolves have shown the potential to be a contender, and the tendency has been to win big. In six district wins, the ladies have outscored their opponents 57-11, usually winning their games comfortably. This signals the possibility of a bright future for the girls.

“Knowing that we are a young team just gives us a lot of hope for the future because we have more opportunities to foster our potential and work into better players,” sophomore Kate Marshall said. “It’s also cool because, even though we have bonded right off the bat, we get more seasons to bond as a team and learn to trust each other more. I think we have a really good foundation of talented girls to get better for the future.”

As this season draws to a close, the Lady Wolves are looking to finish strong and gain momentum heading into the off-season. They have two games left, one of them being at home. The last chance to see them in Cedar Park is Tuesday, Apr. 18, as the Timberwolves take on Hutto. First pitch of the varsity game is at 7 p.m., with the JV game happening before it. Cedar Park will welcome the Lady Hippos at Cedar Park’s softball field.