Varsity Softball girls end season short of playoffs


Lindsey Buggi

Senior Jazzmine Thorpe high fives fellow team mate.

Collyn Burke , Reporter

Softball brought its season to a close, along with many of the CP sports. Lead by Coach Cami Jenschke the girls were one game away from playoffs in this year’s  season.

“The hardest part about the season was the fact that we started district with three straight losses,” Jenschke said. “We knew we were playing the best teams in the district right at the beginning but it’s sometimes hard to bounce back from a 0-3 start.”

Though their season may have not gone as they hoped, the girls enjoyed a season full of great teamsmanship.

“The team dynamic was very open and friendly,” junior Lindsey Buggi said. “We made a lot of jokes and spent a lot of time laughing to keep our spirits up.”

The relationship and the work the girls put in this year may have been even more important than their district standing.

“To get that far it took a lot hard work and dedication,” junior Skylar Cooper said. “Every player was very supportive of each other and positive on and off the field, making this season unforgettable.”

This year the team was also able to make it out the the annual Corpus Christi tournament.

“One of the best memories I have is at the Corpus Christi tournament,” Buggi said. “During one of our games, I stole second and the catcher overthrew the throw, so I stole third.”

While the tournament went well for players making risky moves like Buggi, it was less than awesome for others.

“My worst memory was definitly our bus getting broken into” Cooper said.

Through the ups and downs this season has thrown, the girls managed to make it a great season full of love, hard work, determination, and of course, softball.

“My season this year was full of determination,” Buggi said. “It made me realize what I want to have and that I have to go and get it.”