Student section brings the party to Basketball games

Lauren Kriss

With Friday Night Football fading, CPHS is making the transition to basketball season in a big way. With the revamp of the SRO, or Standing Room Only, section, basketball games could be as huge as football.

The student section will offer free food and drinks to students at select games sponsored by Maggiore’s, Shake’s, and Cover 2. Also, people in the SRO section will have the opportunity to play games and win prizes at halftime at all the home games.

The sole purpose of the SRO section is to fire up the crowd and our varsity basketball players. Most players say it improves their game play, including junior point-guard Cole Price.

“If we score a basket and the crowd goes wild it motivates us,” Price said.

The SRO is more than a section; it’s a club. Like all other clubs, it counts on a college application as student involvement. Every club needs a captain, and the SRO club is no exception. It is the captain’s responsibility to rally the stands and encourage the team as much as possible.

 Sophomore guard Trey Knight says every bit counts during the game when it comes to team spirit.

“It’s easier to play when there are people cheering for you,” Knight said. “It’s more fun.”

The captain position is open for all students, including underclassmen. The captain will be elected by the students based on school spirit and creativity. Once elected, the captain will be required to attend all home games and preferably attend away games as well. The SRO captain should lead chants and start crowd pleasers like “The Wave” and “The Rollercoaster.”

Anyone interested in trying out to be the SRO captain can apply through twitter @cp_basketball.