T-Wolves Rain on Raiders’ Hoco Parade


Photo by Emma Keller

Senior CB Caden Combs celebrates with the defense after picking off a pass on Sept. 27 against Rouse at Bible Stadium. The defense got numerous turnovers against Rouse, thus leading to short fields and points for the offense. “It always feels great when your team is clicking,” Combs said. “There’s no better feeling.

Justin Ballou, Reporter

Another Friday night game, another Cedar Park stomping. This time, it comes on the road against Rouse at their homecoming game, 55-9.

The defense put on yet another show, as they busted out their “Turnover Belt” numerous times. The Rouse offense was shut out on the game; the nine Rouse points came on a kickoff returned for a TD and a safety. The most notable defensive play came in the first quarter, as senior CB Caden Combs made a diving INT on a ball that was deflected in the secondary.

“We constantly train on getting the ball [back to the offense],” Combs said. “I was at the right place at the right time. I was very proud of [our] defense as a whole.”

The Timberwolves have now allowed under 20 points in the four out of five games they’ve played, which is an accomplishment in and of itself, given that most offenses are pass-heavy nowadays and there is typically an abundance of points.

“It always feels great when your team is clicking,” Combs said. “There’s no better feeling.”

It always feels great when your team is clicking. There’s no better feeling, ”

— Caden Combs

There is also no shortage of big-time plays for the Cedar Park offense. The team has seemingly corrected everything that went wrong week one, and it shows on the field.

“We’ve been executing and going hard in practice, not wanting to have that week one feeling again,” junior QB Ryder Hernandez said. “[We’re] using that as fuel to get us going in district.”

One of the best plays of the night came in the red zone; Rouse brought a blitz and got to Hernandez, but as he was going down, he flipped the ball to junior WR Gunnar Abseck who was running a drag route. Hernandez said he felt the pressure coming and just wanted to shovel it away.

“[Abseck] made a great play coming and getting the ball,” Hernandez said.

Abseck did the rest on the play and trotted into the end zone to make it 13-0 T-Wolves.

“Ryder dumped it off too me and great blocks on the edge allowed me to walk into the end zone,” Abseck said. “I thought we did well – we started slow but finished fast. Our mission next week is to start fast and finish fast.”

This Friday, Cedar Park will face another team with zero wins, Pflugerville Connally, at Gupton, as the team looks to keep the momentum rolling.