Varsity football picks off Leander 30-17

Savannah Burchfiel


Varsity football clenched their sixth consecutive win against classic rival Leander in the annual Crosstown Showdown game. In the district opener on Sept. 27 at Bible Stadium, the Timberwolves won 30-17 in overtime with a touchdown by junior Joey Carter and an interception and touchdown by senior Lane Waller.

With 2:34 left and the Timberwolves down in the fourth quarter, a climactic 34-yard field goal by senior Zach Hancock tied the score to 17-17 and extended the game into overtime.

“Before the field goal I was focusing on only the kick and zoning everything out,” Hancock said. “After the kick, I was still focused because I knew there might be another kick.”

Cedar Park had possession of the ball first, and Carter made a 5-yard touchdown run.

“I’m thankful I was able to get the opportunity to score,” Carter said. “I also thank the offensive line because I’m unable to do it without them.”

On Leander’s possession, Waller caught an interception and ran 85 yards for a touchdown. His “pick 6” ended the game with a final score of 30-17.

“I felt relieved after scoring, and gracious that I was able to make a play and help my team win,” Waller said. “I didn’t know it was going to happen when I made the pick. I was just focused on getting one more stop.”

The team faces Marble Falls in their next game on Oct. 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Gupton Stadium. During halftime, the Homecoming game will feature the announcement of Senior King and Queen. The football team has the same mindset of every week.

“We do what we do and we’ll come out on top of this next game,” Waller said.