The Wolfpack

Pink Out sold their hearts out

Hunter-Rose Comtois, reporter

November 14, 2014

Throughout October, the cheerleaders were selling their Pink Out shirts to raise money for the cure and provide awareness of breast cancer. The cheerleaders have always been in charge of designing and selling shirts for Pink Out. "Each year a cheer captain designs the Pink Out shirts," head cheer...

20 dollars per week

Addison Neely

April 1, 2010

     The economics class teaches fundamental financial values to students about to venture off in the real world.  Some objectives of this class is to inform young adults about the inner workings of the economy and how to engage in buying and selling stocks, but the most basic concept the class...

Prom on a Budget

Ashley Hughes

April 1, 2010

Shop in advance The closer it gets to prom, the more expensive dresses, tuxedos and accessories are going to be. Why is this? Because the shops can afford to raise them! People who shop at the last minute still need prom attire. Depending on how long shoppers put off their prom shopping, retailers may be...

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