Cedar Park’s Very Own Winter Wonderland


Photo Courtesy of: Felicity Shelton

Sydney Miner, Reporter

What started as rain yesterday quickly turned into snow for the people of Central Texas. According to KXAN, flurries were reported in the Cedar Park area around 3:30 p.m when the temperature was around 40 degrees. As the snow started to pick up the temperature started to decrease throughout the night.

By 5 P.M much of the ground was covered in snow, causing many students to go outside and play in the rare snowfall. Many built mini snowman, or laid in the snow and made snow angels, while others just walked outside and just marveled in the weather.

“When I walked outside and saw all of the snow it really put me in the Christmas spirit,” junior Felicity Shelton said. “All I wanted to do was sit outside, drink hot chocolate, and look at Christmas lights.”