All Girls Considered

A new club has started here at Cedar Park

Amelia Kaza, Reporter

 It is a podcast club called All Girls Considered. The podcast focuses on women in business, and its purpose is to help young women feel empowered. 


“All girls considered seeks to create a safe space for girls to tell their stories and explore the power of storytelling through the creation of a podcast” Club Sponsor Kim Vidrine said. “Also just through listening and opening channels of communication and exposing girls to women who can serve as mentors.” 


 Although the club is new to Cedar Park, All Girls Considered has been a part of Leander ISD for a while. 


“I was actually approached by someone and asked if I would consider doing it here on campus and I was thrilled because I really believe in the power of our stories, and writing our stories, and telling our stories” Vidrine said. 


Freshman Paisley Shalles was one of the founders of this club and was inspired by her passion for business.”I was just inspired by how amazing my family friend is and I’ve been wanting to go into the business world since I was really young and that’s what my parents are in,” Shalles said.“So I just found it really inspirational that there are all these women showing us how I can do that.” 


The other club sponsor Sarah Alarcon believes that it is a way for students to feel empowered. 

“I want to feel-I want um, teens- young girls to feel empowered, I want them to feel like their voice matters,” Alarcon said. ”I want them to feel like they can do any career that they want, that they can chase any dreams that they have and that they are capable and I want them to know that what they have to say is important”


Something unique about all girls considered is that you don’t have to join to be affected. “I hope that the club can grow and everyone in the school will be able to see or at least know what we are because this isn’t the club where you have to join to be affected,” Shalles said.

“This is something that you can see and get inspired and that is what are true goal is to do.”