Anchors Away

Senior Micah Lin Talks About His Marine Reserve Plans After College


Courtesy of Micah Lin

In front of a tree, Senior Micah Lin smiles for a picture. Although Lin plans to attend college, he is preparing to join the marine reserves before continuing his formal education. “The marine corps reserves would give me an opportunity to take a break from the conventional school routine and give me irreplaceable life skills,” Lin said. “I couldn’t imagine myself studying for another four years without doing something different and meaningful.”

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter

Graduating high school is a big step that leads to big changes for most seniors. For some it is college, for others it may be a gap year, but for senior Micah Lin it means training hard to be in the marine reserves.

According to Lin, he plans to join the reserves for religious reasons and a change of scenery. He also wants to be able to get away from the non-exciting school years ahead.

“I am a nondenominational Christian and I think God is calling me to a life of service,” Lin said. “Also, I am tired of the school setting and would rather take a break. I couldn’t imagine myself studying for another four years without doing something different and meaningful.”

Joining the reserves is no easy task. There are many things that are necessary in order to successfully make it in the marines. Lin said that a lot of what is needed to become a marine is one’s brain power. 

“Joining the military is 99% mental and 1% physical,” Lin said. “You can be a natural athlete but not have the discipline to push yourself to wake up early. When I went to the Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS) in San Antonio, we were required to wake up early and not make mistakes. Otherwise, the instructors there made you feel stupid if you messed up.”

Getting ready for the marine reserves requires a lot of training on your own time. In order to make sure he is prepared, Lin has been training every single day. Not only does his training include physical activity, but also some academic aspects as well.

“I have been running daily with a weight vest in order to get ready for the military. Furthermore, I play water polo and swim which will help with the water portion of the marine boot camp,” Lin said. “[Also] BC calculus has really prepared me academically as it taught me discipline and saying no to certain things when I had to study.”

Despite all of this preparation, Lin still saves time for things he enjoys like the arts and sports. 

“[In my free time] I play piano because it gives me a fun thing to do after I finish my homework,” Lin said.  “I always liked ragtime and jazz music so I play a lot of that on the piano. I also play club water polo because it is really fun and a great workout.”

Although he does plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 2022 to major in psychology, Lin is currently looking forward to training for the reserves this summer, as he leaves a month after graduation to boot camp. 

“I would say I am ready to graduate and move on,” Lin said. “I am looking forward to the confidence course at boot camp because while it may be strenuous physically, it looks like a lot of fun and could be a good change of pace from the regular.”