Best Dressed, Never Stressed

Ally Garcia, Reporter

Throughout high school, senior Willow Knight’s passions for lacrosse, the environment and her personal style, have inspired her involvement as co-president of Timberwolves for the Environment, UIL Science, captain of the lacrosse team, as well as the recipient of the “best dressed” senior superlatives award.

Not only has Knight shown her commitment and drive through these extracurricular and curricular activities, but also through being involved in SNHS, NHS and Mu Alpha Theta.

“These activities have impacted my high school experience by allowing me to get to know a lot of different people and finding different things I’m passionate about,” Knight said. “Lacrosse has helped me to be a better leader and strive for constant improvement. It has brought me so many friends and made my life so much happier. All the other activities as well have brought me closer to people and made high school feel like a place I could belong.”

As she has gone throughout high school, Knight said that her personal style has been a way for her to reflect her individuality and creativity. Knight feels that her clothes are a way to help herself feel more confident.

“I feel like my style reflects me because it’s always different and changing,” Knight said. “I like trying different things and making them my own. I don’t feel constrained to a certain style of clothes so I really just wear what I think looks cool and makes me feel most confident in myself. I’m a strong believer in that ‘if you look good, you feel good.'”

I feel like my style reflects me because it’s always different and changing.

— Willow Knight (12)

After graduation, Knight plans on going to the University of North Texas to major in material science and engineering. As Knight’s high school career comes to an end, she reflects on her future and her past four years at this school.

“The only thing I would change about my high school experience is all the stress,” Knight said. “I used to stress myself out over everything, especially my grades and always tried to make them perfect. I feel like now, I have a better view of the big picture and see that I didn’t have to be so hard on myself and that nothing was ever that serious.”