Freshman Recap


Kaylee Umberhocker

Freshman at beginning of year pep rally.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

Middle school and high school are drastically different and the transition is something all freshmen have to go through. With high school being a pivotal part in a students future, there is a lot of pressure on the freshmen. Kate Houston and Eli Perkins are two freshmen who said they feel that the responsibility and freedom in high school is much different than middle school.

“You have a lot more freedom in high school than in middle school, which is nice,” Houston said. “It’s fun because I don’t have hard classes, so I don’t have to do that much homework which means I can hang out with friends on the weekend. Overall my freshman high school experience has been super fun.”

Unlike middle school, your grades contribute to your class rank and GPA. The competition between students to be at the top of class is something that even freshmen have to deal with.

“There’s a lot more competition,” Perkins said. “I went to a smaller middle school before I made the move to Cedar Park. Once I got here, I really had to crack down on my study habits and work harder. It’s a little bit more stressful than middle school, but a lot more rewarding. I do prefer high school over middle. It’s a lot to handle at first, but you get into a rhythm and it feels great.”