Getting the Move On

Senior Discusses Football, Track Career, Future Plans


Photo Courtesy of the @CPHS_XC Twitter

Standing on a podium, senior Kevin Adams receives a 2nd place Track UIL State Championship medal for discus. Adams competed on May 13 and threw a new personal best in discus with a throw of 187 feet and 4 inches. “With this being my third time at State, I knew what I was going into and knew where my head needed to be going into my events,” Adams said. “Overall my State experiences were fun and I’m going to miss having another year to try and win.”

Emi Cachila, Guest Reporter

Two sports. Two teams. One passion. One unexpected side hobby.

Senior Kevin Adams is most notably recognized on social media and across the district for his record-setting athletic abilities. Adams, who started his sports journey at a young age, joined track and football freshman year. His involvement and success in both sports does not go unnoticed. Adams has been applauded multiple times for his capabilities on the popular Instagram account FLX. Most of all, Adams has been recognized by his fellow teammates, classmates and coaches.

“Being a captain [in football] is pretty cool,” Adams said. “It showed me that my teammates really believe in me and see me as someone who can really lead the team. Everyone on the team votes for who they want to see as captain, which makes being captain even better.”

In 2018, Adams began high school football and was on varsity by his sophomore year. Shortly after, Kevin’s athletic life was put on pause when his sophomore year ended short due to the pandemic.

Being a captain [in football] is pretty cool. It showed me that my teammates really believe in me and see me as someone who can really lead the team. Everyone on the team votes for who they want to see as captain, which makes being captain even better.

— Kevin Adams

“Football and sports at school have been more difficult because we couldn’t do as much as we normally would,” Adams said. “As a team, these times have brought us closer together because we distance ourselves away from everything else going on and focus on getting workouts in, still catch balls, and still remember the playbook.”

His involvements do not stop at football. Adams also competes in track and field events.

“I’ve always been in sports,” Adams said. “I’ve been doing this for a long time. I always wanted to go the football route, but I also knew track would be an opportunity for me.”

Adams showed his talents in both shot put and discus. During his freshman year, Adams made the UIL State Championships for shot put. This year, Adams competed on May 13 for both shot put and discus. He placed fifth in shot put and threw a new personal best throw of 187 feet and 4 inches in discus, earning the state runner up title.

“I try not to think about anything when I’m competing,” Adams said. “I keep my head away from the situation as much as possible until I’m about to throw. Once I tune into my thoughts, it’s important to concentrate on my steps and be in the moment.”

Adams committed to Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, in March. He plans to further his track career and study kinesiology.

“I want to do something to be involved in sports,” Adams said. “When you study the body, you can understand injuries better and why they hurt. The lack of knowledge in sports injuries is a great problem. I want to learn about kinesiology because my teammates always got injured while playing, especially this year. My goal is to learn about the body, figure out how to heal it better and help people overcome their injuries so they can continue to play sports.”

Adams’ interest in kinesiology sparked after suffering from a torn meniscus in 2020 and taking 3.5 months to recover.

“Athletes don’t take care of their injuries seriously enough,” Adams said. “ I recovered well, but it really just made me think about what I have to do to take care of myself and my body. Stretching and icing are two important habits. Really taking care of your body in general should really be athletes first priority. Everybody needs to know how they are going to function while playing a game.”

When he is not on the field or in a classroom, Adams spends his free time in front of his computer and keyboard doing what he enjoys the most.

Senior Kevin Adams plans to attend Lamar University to run track and study Kinesiology. Photo Courtesy of the @CPHS_XC Twitter.

“I make beats,” Adams said. “I don’t have a Spotify or Soundcloud yet, but I will soon. Making music is something that is just for myself. It’s mostly just a hobby that I found because of boredom during the quarantine times but I still kept making music afterwards.”

Adams wants to someday sell his music. He has 15 beats that made the final cut.

“I always get a melody stuck in my head,” Adams said. “I add clicks and then find sounds that correlate to what I was thinking. Honestly, I think I’ll continue making beats throughout college as an outlet aside from sports. Music gives me a break from everything else. I can just be in my zone and can finally do whatever I want creatively. I have many commitments so it’s important that I do something I enjoy. Music is a great way to express yourself  because you can really put your emotions into sounds.”

According to Adams, the end of his senior year has been filled with mixed emotions.

“Leading up to the end of my high school days is kind of stressful,” Adams said. “It’s like getting a weight off my shoulders. I can finally say I made it somewhere and that my hard work is paying off.”