Humans of CP: Aidan Peña


Taking part in their final cheer competition in Disney World last April, sophomore Aidan Peña performs one of his stunts. His team got the opportunity to compete in this because of a bid, or recommendation, from previous competitions. He said what competition offers to him and his team. “It gives us a chance to show what we can do,” Peña said. “And to represent ourselves, our gym and our city.”

Courtesy of Aidan Peña

Deana Trautz

Feet not always on the ground, sophomore Aidan Peña participates in competitive cheer in his free time. Peña got into tumbling through TaeKwonDo when he was four, and when he turned seven, Peña began taking his first private tumbling lessons. Then, at nine years old, Peña decided to change it up, attempting to twist in mid-flip. Although it terrified him taking that next step in his stunting, Peña said he got multiple coaches’ help in order to perfect his technique. Through this, he learned that there are multiple ways to approach every problem.

“It was the first time that I had no idea where I was in the air,” Peña said. “Multiple coaches had different perspectives for me to combine and fine tune my technique.”

Peña and his team at Cheer Station have a final competition at the end of their season. This consists of a two and a half minute routine full of tumbling and stunting. Though cheer gives Peña new opportunities, he says that he does not plan to do it as a career. He says that for him, it is more of a hobby.

“I would rather keep it as a hobby and sport for my youth to keep the memories distant and happy,” Peña said. “I don’t want to continue to damage my body in the way that I am right now.”