Humans of CP: Brody Bush


Courtesy of Brody Bush

At one if their first concerts, freshmen Brody Bush (far left), Dylan Gilpin and Gustavo McClure perform at Cedar Park Middle School on June 1, 2017.

Sydney Miner, Reporter

Since the beginning of last summer, freshman Brody Bush has been a part of a rock alternative band called “Crushed Muffin.” He plays bass for the band alongside his band mates, fellow freshman Gustavo McClure and Dylan Gilpin. Together they have been writing and producing their own original songs that they are trying to get on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. Bush not only writes songs for the band, but also some just for himself. He says that their music is most heavily influenced by Fall Out Boy, the Beatles and Modest Mouse. He said his favorite part about being in a band is the concerts that they get to play.  Right now they are in the process of finishing up their album. Also, they are currently looking for a lead singer, so if anyone wants to join their band,  contact any of them.

“Performing gives you this feeling of peace, unity, and everyone coming together to listen to your music,” Bush said. “It’s really nice because you feel accomplished and satisfied after finishing a song (and then getting to perform it).”