Humans of CP: Eduardo Almazan

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Gillian Corona, Reporter

Walking the Hallways with a smile on his face, senior Eduardo Almazan is busier than he seems. Almazan came to Cedar Park his sophomore year and has been involved in theatre, choir, PALs and now Broadcast. If you have not seen him in the school hallways waving and smiling to everyone, you are sure to find him working at Hollister during the weekends and Whataburger during the week. Almazan does not just work for the money, he loves meeting and working with new people and that keeps him happy.

“Working with likable people makes my time worth it,” Almazan said. “I’m always doing something I feel proud of and I gain experience and I’m happy with what I do.”

Almazan said when given the chance, he gives compliments to people because sometimes the bad is too much and the good isn’t highlighted enough.

“If you do things happy, it’s ten times better than doing it unhappy,” Almazan said.