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Band Member Shares Her Trials, Tribulations


Photo courtesy of the CPHS Band SmugMug

Playing trumpet, junior Kaity Rhine plays with the rest of the band at an away football game against Conally. “I love playing my trumpet,” Rhine said.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

Time management and dedication are two concepts that band member, junior Kaity Rhine is familiar with. Originally joining band to keep in touch with her elementary school crush, Rhine fell in love with it and has never left since. Apart from band, Rhine has been faced with a set of challenges throughout her life relating to her family, health and education.

“I started band in sixth grade because my crush at the time played an instrument and I thought I would be relatable or something,” Rhine said. “I decided to do [band] in high school because my cousin always told me how amazing it was. [He] definitely didn’t let down. We are like a big family, ups and downs all around. It’s a lot of work but at the end of the day it’s really rewarding.”

Prior to moving to Cedar Park at age seven, Rhine was born in Georgetown and grew up in Burnet, TX. Her mother decided to make the move to get Rhine and her younger brother out of a poor family situation.

“My dad made some pretty bad choices and he was putting other people’s lives at risk,” Rhine said. “[Moving] was pretty scary because I really didn’t know anyone. It was kind of like one day you’re living in Burnet and then the next day you’re living in Cedar Park with a bunch of people you don’t know and at the same time my mom was dealing with the health issues that I’m dealing with now.”

Both Rhine and her mother suffer from endometriosis, a genetic disorder only found in women, in which the cells from the uterus line the organs. Build up of these cells causes irritation in the organs, and leads to severe pain throughout the body, especially during menstruation.

“My mom got to stage three endometriosis and I don’t even know how she did it,” Rhine said. “She was in severe pain and prepping to get a hysterectomy. There were a lot of what ifs. She almost ended up dying, but she came out and she recovered well. We’ve been living just me, my mom and my brother since I was about eight.” 

When you don’t feel good, exercising kind of takes your mind away from that. I’ve also put myself into my school work and that has helped a lot.

— Kaity Rhine (11)

Rhine was diagnosed this past July with stage one endometriosis and said that she has been through a lot since then.

“They found my appendix covered in these cells and they had to take it out because they were afraid it was going to burst,” Rhine said. “It can just really mess with your body, but it is treatable. Eventually, I’m going to have to have a hysterectomy. Since my latest surgery, I’ve been feeling a lot better and we already have another surgery planned in four years.”

In between dealing with her health, Rhine has ways of destressing and enjoying her free time. She said that investing her time in exercise and school can help her distract herself.

“It’s something I have found has really helped me through this journey of figuring out what’s going on,” Rhine said. “When you don’t feel good, exercising kind of takes your mind away from that. I’ve also put myself into my school work and that has helped a lot.”

Rhine has also been working on her goal of becoming a veterinarian, and last summer she worked at a nearby vet clinic.

“I love working with animals because [they] are so important and people take for granted how much they are like us,” Rhine said. “10 out of 10 times when I was in an emergency situation at my clinic, where I’m having to help an animal whose life is in danger, the [animal] comes out of it and is so thankful. You can see it in their eyes and it is so cool and so rewarding. They are just all around amazing to work with.”

This summer, Rhine plans to intern at a zoo and hopes to go to Kansas State for their veterinarian program after she graduates.