Humans of CP: Mallory Hoffman


Courtesy of Mallory Hoffman

Senior Mallory Hoffman and her group.

Gillian Corona, Reporter

Balancing two AP classes, an ACC class, PALs, HST, English Honor Society and National Honor Society, senior Mallory Hoffman also finds time to figure skate three times a week. She skates Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 a.m. and Saturdays from 5-10:30 a.m.

Hoffman found her love for figure skating when she accompanied her grandparents on a cruise when she was five. The ship had an ice skating rink inside and she gave it a try.

“I just really enjoyed it,” Hoffman said. “Ever since then, every time I would get all A’s in school, my mom would go take me ice skating as like a treat, because I loved to do it.”

Senior Mallory Hoffman wins first place in Chicago in 2015.

She started taking classes and really getting into it when she was eight years old. Hoffman said she has competed ever since she was nine years old. This has given her the opportunity to visit places such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland and areas in Minnesota.

With a competition the last weekend in January her group took home second in the country. Hoffman said that apart from loving the sport, the friends she has made makes it worthwhile.

“I love skating because of all the friends I’ve made,” Hoffman said. “It’s a really beautiful sport. It’s a sport that a lot of people don’t really understand and don’t know about, and it’s something unique and it’s a part of my character now. It’s something I like to share with people whenever they want to know more about me because it’s definitely a huge part of my life.”