Humans of CP: Michelle Flatt


Perry Jamail

Michelle Flatt, the new Administrative Assistant for the AP’s office, takes the place of Lynda Mcfarland at the desk at the front of the AP’s office.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

With the retirement of long-time Administrative AP Assistant Lynda Mcfarland in December of 2017, a new hire has been made to fill in the gap in the Assistant Principal’s office.

Michelle Flatt, a previous substitute for LISD, has stepped in as Administrative Assistant for the AP’s office for the second semester of the current school year and for years to come. Flatt decided to join the CPHS staff due to previous good experiences with the students here and to brighten the days of those who work with her or are around her during her time here at Cedar Park.

“I wanted to work at Cedar Park High because the kids are great,” Flatt said. “I enjoy the students, working with the administrative assistants and all the teachers. [I’m looking forward] to hopefully making a positive difference in the lives of the people I work with.”