Humans of CP: Nathan Wright


Justin Ballou

Junior Nathan Wright works through his scene in a Legally Blonde rehearsal. “It’s fun to show off the different acting skills you have to portray,” Wright said.

Justin Ballou, Reporter

Junior Nathan Wright seems to do it all. He participates in varsity soccer, varsity choir, Pitch Black, theatre and the National English Honor Society. He also takes Pre-AP classes, which he said take up a lot of his time due to the amount of homework. While Wright goes from one activity to the next, he said that he enjoys what he does.

Nathan has been playing soccer since elementary school and will play outside midfielder on the varsity team this year.

“I play soccer because the brotherhood is amazing,” Wright said. “We have so much fun, and we get bigger, faster and stronger together. I play midfielder because I’m fast and I can cross the ball well. This season is going to be so much fun, and you all should come out and support us.”

After soccer practice each day, Wright goes over to the PAC to rehearse for”Legally Blonde,” which the theatre department will be presenting in December. Wright is fairly new to the theatre department, so he said he has had to adjust to the way that the department operates and to the constantly changing rehearsal schedule.

“I acted in middle school for two years, so [the concept] of theatre isn’t entirely new to me,” Wright said. “I’ve never struggled as much in my life as I do with theatre, but it’s fun to show off different acting skills you have to portray.” 

I love everyone, and it’s so fun to make music with the people you love.”

— Nathan Wright (11)

In both “Legally Blonde” and the competition performance that theatre will compete with in Dallas, Wright plays a gay man. He said that it is a different experience for him, but that it is also very fun.

“Playing a gay man is very new and difficult [for me],” Wright said. “But it’s also enlightening to act as something I have never experienced before.”

Outside of theatre Wright sings in the varsity male choir, as well as the male a cappella group, Pitch Black. He said that he specifically enjoys Pitch Black, because although the group gets off task sometimes, they still “kill it” in their final performances.

“Choir is like my second family,” Wright said. “I love everyone, and it’s so fun to make music with the people you love.”