Lenovo Laptop Distribution for All Students


Emilee Guernsey

Lenovo Laptops are being distributed to all students at Cedar Park. “Students will be receiving any of the district software free of charge though their district distributed device,” librarian Debby Barnes said.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

The Lenovo laptops are officially being distributed to all grade levels in the next two weeks. Freshmen will be able to receive their laptops on Sept. 8 through Sept. 13, sophomores should already have theirs from the previous year and juniors and seniors can receive their laptops now. By Sept. 13, every student who has paid the $75 fee should have their Lenovos.

Students are strongly advised to purchase a school laptop, as their will no longer be any mobile labs, or desktops in the library and classrooms.

“By having a laptop that is issued by the district students are insured, and the laptops are under warranty,” librarian Debby Barnes said. “Students will be able to receive any of the district resources and software through the Lenovos free of charge.”

If students wish to bring their own device, they can, but they might experience issues with accessing district software when using a personal device, such as the ability to print on school printers.

“There will still be ten desktops left in the library for printing capabilities,” Barnes said.

The decision to remove all desktops and mobile labs came from the technology center in the district. They found that if all students were going to have laptops, they couldn’t support school desktops as well.

“Technology looked at other districts to figure out what device would work best if they were to remove all desktops,” Barnes said. “They didn’t’ know if it would be a tablet, a PC, or what, so they did their research. A PC was chosen as the best option for students.”

There still could be issues with the school laptops, and if a student encounters any issues they are advised to go down to the library for assistance from TimberTech.

“The first thing that we ask students when they come down with a problem is, ‘When was the last time you restarted your laptop?’” Barnes said. “Going through the restart process is when it connects and receive updates.”

If students have any questions or concerns they can go down to the library and talk with Barnes.