Off to a Better Start

Senior to join ROTC at University of Texas at Austin


Photo Courtesy of Michelle Frobish

Holding the acceptance invitation to the University of Texas at Austin in front of the UT Tower, senior Michelle Frobish smiles at the camera. Frobish said she is determined with her decision in participating in the UT ROTC program this upcoming fall. “I always thought joining UT ROTC was perfect for me,” Frobish said. “I knew I wanted to serve our country and also experience the military while attending the university at the same time.

Julie Yeo, Guest Reporter

During junior year, perhaps the most important year of high school, senior Michelle Frobish and her family left their lifelong home in Virginia to settle in Austin, Texas. Moving to a new school in a new city in her second semester was a huge change for Frobish. Being an involved student all throughout her career, these big obstacles were difficult, but Frobish said she enjoys challenges. 

At her previous school, Frobish was involved in many extracurricular activities such as marching band, basketball, mock trial and model United Nations. Although moving to Austin hindered her opportunities to gain new leadership positions, Frobish jumped in to find ways to get involved and found her way to take part in six honor societies.

“When I moved, I was already halfway into junior year,” Frobish said. “As you know, junior year is the most challenging year for all students, where you really have to focus and prepare for your life ahead, so I had to really focus on gathering myself in Cedar Park.” 

Frobish made her way into honor societies like English, Science, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society and Rho Kappa by reaching out to teachers for applications. After taking Adam Babich’s class virtually the year before, Frobish also became a member of Student Council. 

“I love to be involved in volunteer work and helping out in the community,” Frobish said. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take part in leadership positions since that is a huge thing on college applications, but I found ways to adjust and try.”

Despite her busy schedule with working and school, Frobish loves to go to the gym to work out and exercise. While at home during quarantine, Frobish craved to release stress and negativity through actively exercising.

“I enjoy challenges and moving was just another life experience. I am truly thrilled for what the future holds. What starts here will change the world.””

— Michelle Frobish

“I always find time to go to the gym and work out even if that means I’m going to bed at 2 a.m. to finish my other work,” Frobish said. “Gym is a place to set goals and work your progress to become stronger both physically and mentally. At the end of the day, you feel rewarded.”

Inspired by her love for health, Frobish plans on becoming a personal trainer and hopefully competing in the National Physique Committee (NPC) during college while taking part in UT’s ROTC program.

“UT is just an incredible school,” Frobish said. “It has everything, like great academics, athletics, and many other varieties. But what caught my attention was their ROTC program. I have always wanted to serve the country and try out a new challenge, and this program was a perfect fit for that.” 

Frobish was deciding between the Army and the Air Force, but she decided to take part in the Air Force for its opportunities post graduation. 

“I think the experiences they offer are so amazing,” Frobish said. “Having the chance to fly a jet and work with so many people while traveling around the world and further learning more diverse aspects of the world is beyond exciting.”

Although moving to a new school was a big change in the life of Frobish, she adapted the responsibility to become more resilient and be prepared for unexpected obstacles in the future.

“I enjoy challenges and moving was just another life experience,” Frobish said. “I am truly thrilled for what the future holds. What starts here will change the world.”