P.A.C.K Hosts First Event “Anti-Field Day”

Sydney Miner, Reporter

The P.A.C.K, a club that was formed this year and stands for People Advocating Caring and Kindness, hosted its first event Wednesday called the “Anti-Field Day.”

The reason its called Anti-Field Day is because the event wasn’t going to only consist of athletic activities like previous field days that students have had. Instead, they set up a variety of activities for the student body including hula hoops, jump ropes, corn hole, chalk, bubbles and much more.

Their purpose of having this get together in the courtyard was to bring everyone together and allow them do de-stress after the PSAT. According to senior Mason Brooks, the club wanted the students to not only have fun and unwind, but also to get to meet people that they either don’t always see, or that they’ve never talked to, all while having fun in their school environment. Students like freshman Meghan Wilcox enjoyed it and are looking forward for their events in the future.

“I really think that they should keep doing things like this,” Wilcox said. “I enjoyed being able to have fun and hang out with my friends at school.”