Registration Station

Voter Registration Table Tomorrow During DEN, Lunches

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief

To give 18-year-olds a helping hand in the midterm voting process, Rho Kappa is hosting a voter registration table tomorrow in the courtyard during DEN and both lunches.

After tomorrow, which is National Voter Registration Day, less than a month remains for eligible seniors to register to vote to participate in the November midterms. Rho Kappa sponsor Jennifer Fortenberry said that she is setting her goals high for the booth tomorrow, and is hoping that every eligible student registers so that it will not become a barrier for them on election day.

“This is their first time to participate in society as an adult,” Fortenberry said. “I would love to see 100 percent of the eligible students registered, so they at least have the opportunity to vote.” 

Eligible students will need to bring either their driver’s license or social security number. Anyone who is 18, or will be by Nov. 6, passes the age requirement, however non-citizens could face persecution by submitting registration. Once registered, students will not have to register again unless they move, change their name, political party, or do not vote in two federal elections. Fortenberry has rounded up student and adult volunteers to help and answer any questions at tomorrow’s table.

“It’s important to try to educate young people so that they can participate from the get-go,” Fortenberry said. “We try to do something more to make it easier and to make sure people know what they need to do to be able to vote.”

For students who have walked out with the past year’s March for Our Lives movement, or argued against the proposed ends to both Net Neutrality and DACA, Fortenberry said that showing up to vote in November will be their most powerful weapon. 

“If young people don’t vote, they get ignored,” Fortenberry said. “They have a lot to offer, they have a different perspective. It is important for our government to hear those voices, and I think they will hear them a lot better if they show up to the polls to vote.”

Senior Madi Fujawa, who registered months ago when she turned 18, said that she believes some people are stuck in the mindset that their vote will not make a difference.

“I feel like a lot of people believe their vote doesn’t count, but when you have a large sum of people believing that, it hurts the system,” Fujawa said. “Our voting system only works if we’re all actively participating.”

Treasurer of Rho Kappa, senior Rehm Maham, said that every vote is crucial regardless of the end result.

“The vote of any person matters in elections for the simple fact that those elected will only help those who vote,” Maham said. “Even if you don’t vote for the winning candidate, it matters that you voted as it shows politicians that you care, and they are more likely to institute programs to help you.”

There are roughly 140 age-eligible students who could register tomorrow. Maham said that apart from encouraging them to vote, he thinks that their table could be what influences students to get more involved in politics from here on out.

“The people that register at our table may be the activists that volunteer for a campaign, the journalists that cover these elections or even the candidates running for office to make this a better country,” Maham said. “In the long run, the impact our one table has truly can change the nation.”

Seniors can check if they are already registered by clicking here.