Senior Spotlight: Jordan Hagemann


Courtesy of Nadira King

Greeting the other cheerleaders, senior Jordan Hagemann participates in the the Buddy Walk hosted by the Down Syndrome of Central Texas. Hagemann is an ambassador with the association.

Deana Trautz, Editor-in-Chief

On a cheer squad for six years, but a cheerleader for life.

While senior Jordan Hagemann has only spent a portion of her school career on a cheer squad, she strives to make others happy at every hour. Her days in cheer began in seventh grade, and from there she made her way up to being a member of the varsity squad during her junior year.

But Hagemann wasn’t always the one cheering. She says that others cheering her on was what influenced her to join a squad in the first place.

“I liked being cheered on in middle school and high school,” Hagemann said. “When people cheer me on, they say ‘Go Jordan,’ or something like that.”

Apart from an up-close view of Friday night football games, Hagemann has also gained a second family through cheer and says she is thankful for having friends like hers.

“They are good friends and they make me really happy,” Hagemann said. “They helped me through every year of high school.”

Outside of cheer, Hagemann may be found doing volunteer work for the Down syndrome Association of Central Texas, as she is an ambassador for the association. She helps out annually with their “Buddy Walk,” which is a one-mile walk that brings people together to celebrate the ability and accomplishments of those who have Down syndrome.

Hagemann says how her friends, specifically senior Sabrina Enriquez, has helped her with this walk.

“We do those walks for Down syndrome, it’s really fun,” Hagemann said. “[Sabrina] always helped me in the Buddy Walk, she was there with all of her friends.”

Along with her love to cheer and dance, Hagemann says that she also enjoys singing in front of people.

“I’m not scared at all [when I sing in front of people],” Hagemann said. “I like singing.”

Enriquez says how Hagemann’s boldness and natural lack of fear can be helpful to the squad.

“She’s not afraid to tell everyone to stop talking or keep the team in check,” Enriquez said. “She really is the heart of the team and Coach King’s right-hand man.”

Being on the team with her for many years, Enriquez says that Hagemann is one of her favorite people to be around.

“I’ve never met someone with such a genuine heart as Jordan,” Enriquez said. “Always radiating with a smile and open arms when she greets you, she has the natural ability to instantly brighten your day.”

Next fall, Hagemann plans to enroll in Austin Community College.