Spanish Club places in competitions during PASF


Kris Compos

Spanish club posing for a picture at the Pan American Student Forum on March 5.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

The Spanish Club ventured down to San Antonio on March 5 to compete in a multitude of competitions in the Pan American Student Forum (PASF). Three different students placed in the competitions held.

Junior Anjali Sundaram placed first place in TAMOAS, Texas Area Model Organization of American States, a student forum that is designed to replicate the U.N., except it is only focused on Latin American countries. Sundaram will be an alternate to compete in the Central Texas Model United Nations at the University of Texas at Austin.

“While it’s kind of disappointing to only be able to compete as an alternate, I am happy to be a part of this amazing program and see all the opportunities it holds,” Sundaram said. “It was great to even be considered, as this was the first time that CP had really ventured out with the PASF event, while other schools there had at least competed in [TAMOAS] before.”

Another competition was the Grammar Contest, Level II. In this category students had to take a grammar test, where it asked questions from Spanish grammar going all the way back to Spanish I. Junior Emily Reed placed fourth in this competition, competing against 75 to 100 other students.

“It’s prestigious honor to win a ribbon, which is [only given to] the top four placers,” Reed said. “I was certainly surprised I got that high of a place. A lot of people take this test.”

The third student to place was junior Abel Rodriguez. Rodriguez placed fourth in the Listening Comprehension Contest in the Heritage Speaker Category. Preparation was simple according to Rodriguez, with the help of his cultural background.

“It was pretty easy for me because I’m from Mexico and currently speak and listen to Spanish,” Rodriguez said. “Something I recommend for improving your listening skills in Spanish is to talk with people from hispanic countries, and listen to songs in Spanish to familiarize yourself with the sound.”

Both Sundaram and Rodriguez enjoyed being with their friends and the time they spent at PASF.

“PASF is such an amazing event that is filled with our two amazing sponsors, Sra. Campos and Sra. Evans, and amazing people,” Sundaram said. “Though, if I had to pick my favorite part, it would have to be meeting new people that I would otherwise not know. It was such an amazing experience because of all of the inside jokes, stories and memories that were created that I know I will hold onto forever.”