Students And ACL Take Precautions For The Upcoming Festival


Sydney Miner

Mumford and Sons at their headlining show at last year’s 2016 Austin City Limits on Oct. 2 at Zilker Park.

Sydney Miner, Reporter

Following the tragic events of Las Vegas at the Route 91 Festival, the question has been raised about Austin’s upcoming music festival, Austin City Limits. While some people are worried about the upcoming festival, the ACL’s Facebook released a statement the day after the shooting solacing the fans about their security. Also, they are giving refunds to fans who have concerns following the attack.

Their statement consisted of them reassuring concert goers that safety has always been a top priority for them and that they work year round with the local fire and police departments to secure safety.

ACL released a Facebook message stating: “Over the years, tighter security measures have been implemented at ACL including a layered security plan that includes elements that are seen and unseen, as well as pat downs, bag searches and size limits, and an enhanced security and law enforcement presence inside and outside the festival.”

Even with the statement posted, some students and their families are still hesitant about going to the festival.

“My mom is worried about me going because of what happened in Las Vegas,” junior Rylee Elam said. “But I’m still going, because you can’t live your life in fear.”

Although people are still shaken up, it’s not preventing them from going to the concerts these next two weekends.

“When I first heard the news about Las Vegas I was nervous, but still I knew that there was a very slim chance that something like that would actually happen,” freshman Emily Dunham said. “Even though I was nervous, I still wouldn’t skip it or sell my ticket because it’s not worth missing over something so improbable.”

According to Austin-American Statesman, only two people have requested refunds. The headliners for the concert series are Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper, The Killers and many more. You can check out the rest of the line up at