Survey Says: Not Enough Responses

Addy Bates, Reporter

Barbershop music, false memory production and genetic information are just a few of the projects that AP Capstone Research students are working on this year.

The students in Capstone Research, a class available for students who have already taken the Capstone Seminar class, have researched a chosen topic throughout the year and are in need of help from the student body. According to senior Seth Mehalic, student involvement this time of year is very important for their projects.

“They are our data for most projects,” Mehalic said. “A lot of projects use a survey and we need a lot of the student body to fill out the survey so they can get their data to answer their research question.”

As the students continue their research, many have to conduct experiments involving the student body to advance their research and help their knowledge.

“We need the whole school to be involved because a lot of our students have surveys that need to be taken or even experiments that require people to be apart of their experiment to actually get their data and do their research,” Madrid said.

The deadline for students to participate in the surveys is March 15. For more information, click here.

“The spring is a really important time for our research students, because we need school involvement to actually make their research happen,” Madrid said.